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Financial peace of mind makes everything else possible.

Some find peace of mind on the top of a mountain. Some see it in the faces of their children and their children’s children. For many, it lies in believing they leave behind a legacy. No matter what the individual dream or goal, most people who have achieved a certain level of wealth find the greatest peace in knowing that their estate is safe and secure.

Foster Dykema Cabot provides personalized wealth management services to a select group of affluent families, individuals and foundations who seek to preserve and grow their wealth to meet their own needs and those of the next generation. We simplify your life by helping you manage the complexities of wealth. Working in cooperation with your other trusted advisors we integrate all aspects of your financial life to ensure that you stay on target to achieve your goals and objectives. We help you achieve financial peace of mind so you can focus your time and energy on what is most important to you.