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We construct portfolios that are customized, diversified and responsive.

Foster Dykema Cabot’s investment approach recognizes that your goals and needs for wealth management are unique. We listen carefully to you to understand your objectives, values, concerns, and preferences while taking into account your family dynamics, financial resources, and feelings about risk. We then develop a financial plan for you, customizing the investments in your portfolios to meet your specific requirements.

After reviewing your objectives, we help you select an appropriate long-term strategy or base-policy mix of assets that best aligns your return objectives with your ability and willingness to take risk. Our approach provides the balance and diversification essential to build consistent returns as well as the discipline needed to keep your investments on track during periods of market turbulence. If you have an existing portfolio, we review legacy holdings and develop a plan to minimize capital gains as we reposition your portfolio for maximum benefit. To that end, we make adjustments when we identify attractive investment opportunities or believe it is prudent to mitigate risk. We also rebalance your portfolio regularly to ensure that investments stay aligned with your goals.

Foster Dykema Cabot helps you make sense of the array of investment choices by selecting appropriate fixed-income, equity and alternative investments for your portfolio based on extensive fundamental analysis. Unlike many larger firms, our judgment is not clouded by potential conflicts of interest. As an independent firm, we do not answer to a corporate parent that must please multiple constituencies with conflicting objectives nor do we earn additional fees to manage proprietary products or refer business to third-party advisors. Our focus is exclusively on the needs of our clients and this provides us with the freedom to provide unbiased and objective advice and select best-in-class investments from a broad universe of choices.

Our experience has shown that the best opportunities are frequently found in market segments that are currently out of favor. These investments can provide a margin of safety that reduces downside risk and improves long-term returns. Taking a long-term view towards investing enables us to take advantage of inefficiencies caused by the short-term focus of other investors. Whether it is investing in the public equity or fixed-income markets or in private equity, we seek investments that will build long-term value in your portfolio.